We believe that passion drives success in all aspects of our lives and that no matter how successful you are in business and your career, that it can only truly be enjoyed when shared with an equal.

We stand by the position that people who truly apply themselves, devoting their lives to making a difference in business and their careers, deserve that success and… shouldn’t have to sacrifice partnership, love, connection and the joy of family in order to achieve it.

We believe that dating apps are no way to find a relationship and that privacy and personal protection are paramount for people who have worked so hard for their life achievements.

A Good Fit

We specifically cater to high-income executives, professionals and successful business owners who are seeking long-term relationships.

We insist on non smokers who value their health and personal presentation.

Our members have highly compatible lifestyles, values, interests, educational backgrounds, EQ and energy levels. They understand and embrace the concept of ‘quality over quantity’, are open-minded and love learning and growing.

If this sounds like it could be you then we’d love to talk to you.

Rest assured we only offer memberships to those who embody these qualities and when we are confident we have compatible matches.

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