Welcome to the Elite Travel Club

Tuscany July 2024

You Deserve to Indulge

As a successful professional or entrepreneur who happens to be single at this stage in life, your desire to celebrate your success with incredible vacations and bucket-list adventures may feel a little restricting when you look at your options for travel companions. Friends who can’t afford your version of an idyllic holiday or when they can, they are partnered or have kids. This of course changes the dynamic of your dream experience.

Often you’re forced into the options of going alone or missing out in the hope that one day not too far away,
you’ll meet someone with whom you can share these types of life-memory experiences.

Wait no longer! Imagine driving up the long tree lined driveway, approaching a luxury 17th century Tuscan villa in Italy.
Arriving with you are a group of equals – successful, educated, interesting, attractive and adventure-loving singles looking to share incredible experiences, make life-long connections and who knows….maybe even romance will spark with someone special.

Come share in the Elite Travel Experience.

Often named “Italy’s Heart”, Tuscany, with its rolling hills, stunning vineyards and ancient cities is a land of exquisite beauty and cultural richness, making it a perfect backdrop for romance to flourish.

As the sun rises, sip on your freshly brewed cappuccino with a new special friend as you take in the idyllic vistas of endless vineyards in a romantic hot air balloon ride*. Relax and rejuvenate in an exquisite day spa which blends seamlessly into the striking local scenery. Then, aperitivo back at the villa followed by a specially themed black tie event – a night you’ll never forget!

This enchanting Tuscan experience proudly presented by Elite Introductions, promises to ignite your romantic spirit, excite you with new connections and leave you with cherished memories in the beloved heart of Italy.

* All activities away from the villa are subject to change based on weather and other factors. Although weather is traditionally excellent this time of year.

At Elite Introductions, we believe that fine food is the perfect ally to romance and we know how important food is to a memorable journey. Italian food shines in this area. You will savour the tantalising flavours of Tuscan cuisine, prepared by our local 5 star chef, where farm-to-table freshness, time-honoured recipes and sumptuous ingredients converge in every dish.

Inside the professional kitchen, you can prepare what you like and treat it as your own home, although most of your meals will be a catered dedicant experience.
Away from the kitchen, enjoy with your fellow companions activities like wine tasting with an award wining winemaker or truffle hunting in the forest with a cooking class to follow.

Taste the fruits of the local vines, first planted by the Etruscans, at your villa, for your home is the location of the award-winning winery.

Your Tribe

The best part of your elite adventure isn’t the spa experience, the sunrise balloon ride or afternoon truffle hunt and cooking experience. The best part is the people you are sharing it with. As you look around, you see a new tribe.

People who share your level of ambition, success, positivity, culture and love of travel.

A new inner circle of singles, perhaps someone special to build a life with but certainly a new network who you can share life experiences.

Come share in the Elite Travel Experience.