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As the largest economy in Australia and the 9th largest in the Asia-Pacific region, Sydney is the hub for multinational corporations in Australia. Enhanced by the fact that Sydney is one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in – particularly for the upper socioeconomic class and you can see why there is an ever growing community of corporate executives. 

With this in mind there should be many options for single executives looking to date in Sydney.

Why people love Sydney

One of the toughest tasks for travelling Sydney-siders is searching the planet for beaches half as nice as the ones they can walk to in their own town. Sydney has 30 world-class beaches inside the city limits. It also boasts one of, if not the, most beautiful harbours in the world. Sydney is also a global-cultural hub with many incredible events held outdoors celebrating Sydney’s divine weather (when not in La niña years). 

Sydney also enjoys incredible cuisine and some of the world’s best coffee with both New York and Rome cafés seeking Sydney based barristers. 

But Sydney can be hard to date in

It seems strange then, that even highly-eligible executive singles can struggle in a city that is known for gorgeous, healthy, ambitious & outgoing people. Sydney seems to have adopted the vibe of other global meccas such as New York and Paris, where it’s not overly known for its friendliness. Especially compared to smaller cities like Brisbane or Adelaide. Even the other major city of Melbourne has a more friendly and colloquial reputation. 

Corporate executives and professionals treasure their time as they spend so much of it pursuing their ambitions. So single executives and professionals turning to dating apps are finding it a frustrating medium to get a reward for their time which can create anxiety around dating. Sure, if they are attractive and devote large amounts of time to the process, they can certainly go on dates and find sexual partners. But, those looking for something serious and long term can find themselves frustrated and due to their time constraints and other life plans, when it comes to finding a life-partner, the can gets kicked down the road and before you know it, a year or five have gone by and your lovelife has been left in limbo.

That’s where a Dating Agency can help…

If you’re an executive in Sydney seeking effective dating options, a matchmaker may be the best way forward.

For corporate executives, professionals and successful entrepreneurs who have come to the conclusion that dating apps are an ineffective way to find a like-minded partner, taking on the services of an executive matchmaking or dating agency can be a proactive way to leverage your time and energy in order to go on dates with serious contenders for your heart..

Using a matchmaker can also protect you from privacy and legitimacy issues that are genuine concerns for the discerning executive. The culture in the executive world and more specifically within large corporations, can make it difficult to seek love within the work environment. Add to that the access your industry has to your public social existence and many high-end executives, particularly those in the public eye, could not even consider dating apps, even if they wanted to, because they risk the exposure deeming them unprofessional.

Certain dating agencies pride themselves on the protection of your privacy meaning you can explore romantic relationships without feeling like your private life could be put on show for your company or industry to see. Elite Introductions in Sydney works with leading politicians, sports personalities and entertainers as they are known for their commitment to privacy for their very discerning clientele.

Finding Like-Minded Souls

The right executive dating agency can put you in front of potential matches with equivalent education, success, social status, financial independence, values and energy levels. Most importantly these potential matches are all seeking a long-term relationship, something only 4% of people are doing on dating apps. Combine the statistic that only 3.4% of workers in capital cities in Australia earn 150k+ (ABS) and you’re looking at the right matchmaker placing you in a pool of potential matches that represent 1 in 1200 people- a luxury many would consider worth paying for.

Elite Introductions is Sydney’s Most Exclusive Matchmaker and Dating Agency, with the largest pool of high end executives and professionals in the country. In fact, Elite Introductions only works with executives, professionals and successful business owners. That way you know that every introduction you enjoy during your membership is with someone who matches you in lifestyle, education, values and life goals. To find out if you could become an elite member of our agency book a free consultation below or take the Elite Eligibility Test Here.

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