How We Work

At Elite Introductions we believe that understanding more about you is the key to finding your ideal match. From our first phone call we begin our path of really getting to know you, and that journey continues throughout your entire membership. We learn about your individual lifestyle, family background, interests, values, life stage and goals.

We discuss your dating and relationship history and work together to identify what is really important for you in a life-partner.
As we work together with you on your introductions we continue to refine your matching criteria. It’s this continual refinement that results in our clients generally beginning relationships after 3-5 matches.

Our commitment to quality matches, working only with the best people, combined with our unrivalled experience and intuition is the reason we continually attract the high-calibre members that you deserve.

The Experience

During your personal consultation we both assess whether you are a good fit for our members. Your induction includes a full assessment of you, your criteria and a group of potential matches inside our database.

Your first introduction is generally arranged within two weeks of joining and we guide and support you through the pre-date and meeting process.

After the Match

After your date, we obtain feedback from both of you in order to support the match if you both connect or to refine your search for your next match. Learning how you are being received can be very enlightening and often a few tiny tweaks can greatly increase your success in finding your true match.

If the match has promise, we’ll support you with advice and guidance as you nurture your new relationship and get you closer to meeting your relationship goals.

We do not make excuses for focusing on quality in our matches. We cannot control the pace at which introductions are arranged but we can control our commitment to only introducing you to a highly compatible match.

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