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Most of our members have at one time or another tried dating apps. Free apps are ‘anything but.’ Mostly because they use up your most precious commodity… time. With only a tiny fraction of those on apps actually single and looking for a serious long term relationship and an even smaller number who are successful high-paid professionals, searching for a relationship on an app is equivalent to the proverbial needle in a haystack.

With this in mind it makes sense to have someone consider ideal matches for you that meet your criteria- not just around, success, education, income etc but around, worldliness, culture and aspirations. Elite puts you in the pond where your equals are swimming, then guides you through the process of finding your ideal match. 

Most people who join Elite Introductions place a high value on privacy. Whether or not they have a public profile, many still have a corporate profile or other reason why being out on dating apps does not align with their brand or persona. 

Others have grown concerned around the dangers associated with using dating apps and wish to protect themselves from these threats. 

Your privacy and safety are our top priorities at Elite Introductions. There is no online portal for people to browse you. Photos, surnames and company names are not disclosed when introductions are made. We may even suggest changing your first name slightly if it is unique and makes you searchable. 

Members are fully briefed on the match over the phone with your dating consultant, including a description of what they look like, their age, profession, values, interests and why we think they are an eligible match. 

Both parties agree to the match before you contact each other through our private contact app. With no phone number, matches are unable to research each other before the first date. Our members trust that the work has been done to seek matches who are genuine, eligible, attractive and compatible. 

If privacy and safety concerns are a high priority for you then book a free consultation to find out if we can help you find your dream relationship.

Forget the Google Ads. There’s a reason why other agencies use the term “Elite Introductions” in their headlines and descriptions in Google. Unfortunately it represents their standard of ethics in their business as they attempt to cash in on our reputation. More importantly, the facts are in- Elite Introductions is the ONLY matchmaking service in Australia who strictly enforces the prerequisite of members being executives, professionals and successful business owners. We match only from this ‘elite’ pool of people and our matching, training and indeed, entire communication model is specialised for this exclusive set. If you are not an executive, professional or successful business owner please consider one of the other matchmaking services as they will be glad to include you on their database.

Here are our primary requirements before being considered to join Elite Introductions.

01. Be an executive, professional or successful business owner. All our members fit this category and the vast majority of our membership are in the 150k-1M+ salary bracket representing less than 3% of the working population.

02. Pass the Elite Introductions screening system ensuring you are an upstanding member of the community. If you are not confident you fit this category, please avoid our precious resources and your embarrassment by not applying for membership with Elite Introductions.

03. Be a non-smoker. No exceptions.

04. Be available, clear of any past relationships or marriages and not living with a past partner. Be separated from a marriage at least 6 months and in most cases 12 months (determined by Director of Elite Introductions)

05. Be prepared to make time in your life to develop your new relationship away from your career/business and other personal commitments. Be ready to begin from the time of your 1-on-1 appointment.

06. Be interested in finding a life partner. Those looking for short term relationships are not permitted and should stay on their dating apps.

07. Adhere to the guidelines and ethics of Elite Introductions (provided to you as an agreement before you pay for your membership).

08. Be open, accepting and willing to receive guidance and support in our partnership to find your future life-partner.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • A typical member is either an executive, professional or successful business owner in the corporate or creative/media industries.
  • Although not a prerequisite, 90+% of our members are tertiary educated
  • You don’t have to be a marathon runner or pro sportsperson to be accepted by Elite Introductions but as our members are all active and enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, they are searching for the same.
  • All are non smokers
  • Well travelled with many members having lived abroad and many being bilingual/multilingual.
  • They enjoy cultural experiences in varying degrees, are fun, adventurous, confident and outgoing. Levels of these characteristics are considered when we match you.
  • All our members are looking for a serious long term relationship with an eligible, compatible equal.
  • Privacy is important to them and they have little time to waste on the dating app scene. 
  • They are social but don’t have the time or the access to the right kind of equal partner.

If this sounds like you then Book a Free Consultation to see if we can help you or take our 5 minute Eligibility Test.

Generally our members choose to connect and continue a relationship within the first few matches. When this occurs you are able to freeze your membership for up to 6 months. Some of our members began a relationship through our match that lasted years and unfortunately that relationship ended. They have then come back to us to find another match. We have agreed to terms for reigniting their membership and helped them find a new life partner.

Reviews can be a good way to assess the community’s experience with a business. If you’re dealing with your cafe or the local plumber, it’s fairly clear that the service is delivered either well or not well. But, when assessing matchmaking or dating agencies you need to Beware of the Review. Because the agency provides one service but requires the client to do a lot of the work.

I’m often fascinated by the range of reviews that any reputable dating agency around the world has. How can two people have such vastly different experiences with the same business? 

Over the past 14 years we have successfully matched thousands of couples. The vast majority have a certain demand for privacy and would not chant about their success on the internet. Needless to say, with 1000’s of couples and hundreds of marriages (and more than a few little bundles of joy)  our record speaks for itself. 

Our role is to put you in front of the tiny fraction of the community that meet your criteria. Your role (with our guidance and support) is to do everything else it takes to make a match successful.  

Ask yourself, are you positive and open to possibility? Are you honest and respectful? Are you coachable and willing to tweak your approach if it means a happily ever after for you? Do you believe in quality over quantity? Do you move through the world with grace and gratitude? 

Unfortunately there have been some people who despite our best efforts, we were not able to help prepare for a happy partnership. We also have exceptionally high standards for the honesty, behaviours and etiquette of our members and stand by our right to revoke their membership if these standards are not met. No matter how cancelled members may respond, our top priority is to protect the integrity, safety and privacy of our fabulous members. That’s the only way we can protect and enhance your experience at Elite Introductions.

As an intelligent and experienced adult you are aware that there are people in the world who would rather jump off a cliff than be accountable for the status of their relationships and their life. Unfortunately those same people are the ones looking to threaten us and harm our reputation with bad reviews when they are removed or won’t take responsibility for sabotaging great opportunities. And the media just love to make the big bad agency (run by 3 mums) look like they’re ripping off the little guy (sometimes a multi-millionaire)
This is why our reviews are either 5 star or 1 star. Both received the same quality of care and professional service. The differential is the members themselves. 

Remember, numbers don’t lie. 18 years in successful matchmaking, 1000’s of relationships, 100’s of marriages and even children. The stats speak for themselves.

If you believe your character matches our ideal member then Book a Free Consultation to see how we can help.

We take into account a number of criteria. We look at personality types, worldliness, energy levels, values, lifestyle, interests, passions, social circles, levels of attraction, your wish list etc. Basically, we ask ourselves, is this a couple we could imagine chatting away for hours and who we can genuinely imagine connecting and forming a lasting relationship. We have our own algorithm we’ve developed over time but the truth is, after 14 years of doing this, much of the match is a combination of matching criteria and Trudy’s own gut instinct based on experience. Admittedly her strike rate is not 100% (we’re dealing with human beings after all) but it’s undeniably impressive. As you and your date share the experience it gives us the resources to both refine our search better prepare you for success.

We read you their profile and interview notes. We don’t say surnames and we don’t reveal their company name or employer. Also, we don’t show photos in the process. Our members are attractive and aesthetics are an issue, but they are interested in a comprehensive compatibility where physical is only one if the factors.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t take everyone on. One of our requirements before allowing you to join is knowing we have sufficient options for your consideration. If we are not confident or have taken a number of people who are your gender and age, we may delay or dissuade you from joining for a while. When this happens, opportunities can arise within a few months or less and things can change. 

Our database consists of several groups including current and past members. We have over 2500 people we actively consider for matches for our members. As some are matched and begin a relationship, other new members are joining every day. Others sadly end a relationship and in time, return to the fold to try again. 

Rest assured that if you join Elite Introductions, it’s because our team have assessed that we have options for you. And if we don’t encourage you to join, please rest assured that it’s because we don’t want to struggle with you and not be able to deliver our service. It’s not fair on you because you don’t get what you paid for, and it’s not fair on us as it’s been very stressful in the past when we haven’t been able to find someone a match.

One of the most popular questions we are asked during a consultation or even during interviews on TV, radio and podcasts is, “What is your success rate?” 

To answer, first of all we need to define what success equals in your mind then determine which part is our role and which part is yours. 

Does success mean you meet someone who is your happily ever after? Or does it mean meeting someone who you believe is compatible with and would be interested in seeking more with them?

Hollywood has us believe that there is one person out there who will magically fulfil our dreams and we theirs simply because we chose right. It’s a fallacy. Success in a relationship does not rely solely on partner choice. It is one of a multitude of factors. Success in your life, career, friendships and romantic relationships depends on you and your strategy. Without the right strategy you will fall on the wrong side of the statistics. 

Here are some stats,

70% of relationships (3+ months) end in the first year. But with the right strategy you can blow that stat out of the water and dramatically increase your chances of success. We offer resources to help you achieve this. 

50% of live-together relationships of two years result in marriage. The right milestones and road map can have you be on the right side of this statistic.

73% of both men and 68% of women move almost immediately into another relationship after a breakup, only to discover that they want to return to their previous partner for another (failed) attempt. You will meet them on dating apps only to have your time wasted or worse, your heart broken, due to the fact that they tend to move quickly to a place of deep intimacy before exiting.

Elite Introductions demands a minimum of 6 months (and usually 12 months) of separation before taking on a member who has ended a serious relationship or marriage. This saves a lot of time and heartbreak. 

Now let’s look at what else we can guarantee at Elite Introductions

Firstly we guarantee you 6 matches in 6 months with eligible attractive members who match your criteria. Statistically, to meet 6 people on dating apps who are looking for a serious relationship and who are either in or above your income bracket you would have to go through over 7000 profiles/conversations and go on a date with over 100 of them. Because of the dating app culture you have less than a 10% chance of any of these 6 dates getting to the 2nd date let alone a relationship. Do you have this kind of time to waste?  

100% of our members, who take on board our advice and coaching, end up far better at the dating experience and are able to attract a much higher calibre mate.

87% of our members would Iike to further explore a match with one of our members with a typical first date usually lasting 3-4 hours.

67%+ of our members end up in a relationship (3+ months) with someone that they have met through Elite Introductions. 

As well as members who meet through Elite, others find happy relationships outside of the Elite because of their experience, their enhanced skill set and their new positive outlook and confidence. This is the true measure of success.

Matchmaking is a partnership and the members who are open, positive, patient and coachable have a significantly higher success rate. As far as the development of the relationship, our role is to introduce you to highly eligible members. Nurturing a relationship is your role in our partnership. However, we have a team of professionals to support you towards a better result.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that at Elite Introductions you will find out the actual age of your matches, not like on dating apps where it’s common to lie 15 or more years younger. We check your licence at membership so you can be confident that when we tell you the age of your match, it is correct within a year. Our members are all fit and healthy and they look younger than their age… sometimes significantly. So you will need to adjust for the “real” age of someone, not the lying age you’ve been getting on apps. 

The second important note is that no matter what your age and the age of the person you are seeking, we will not take you on as a member unless we have sufficient choices of matches in your desired age group. 

Our current members range from 27-72. It is very broad but our most popular age group is 35-55.

Traditionally our members were 40+ often divorced with shared children arrangements, high net worth, a little older and wiser and looking to find their equal. But, as more and more people suffer from dating app fatigue, our membership has grown to include a high percentage in their early to mid 30s and now late 20s. Both men and women in this younger age group need to be open to dating their age and older. For example, a 28 year old male would be encouraged to be open to dating 27-32 otherwise choices of compatible matches may be limited.

Generally, men prefer to date their age or younger. Most of our women are open to dating 3 years younger to 10 years older- especially when they discover the strong, healthy, active, vibrant gentlemen in our membership.

If you’re a woman insisting on dating younger or a man seeking over 10 years younger we may dissuade you from joining as your options for matches may make it harder to get the desired result. One of our mantras is, “It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you can command.” (We will guide you on how to command more)

Remember we will always advise you on how to be more successful in the process and only take you on as a member if we are confident we can deliver what you are seeking.

Yes, you can. We have members who live outside these areas and part of the condition of their joining is that they are required to do the traveling to one or more of these cities to do the dating. Once a relationship develops they can discuss with their new partner how to manage their living situation.

As our members are successful people there does tend to be a certain expectation around where they want their partner to be at based on their age. We ask that all our members be professional, execs or successful business owners. This could mean 80k and a rented apartment in Bondi or Earlwood at the age of 25. It could mean 500k and a house in a good area at 50. Elite Introductions do not have a figure prerequisite but as an educated professional you should be able to predict what like minded people in your demographic are looking for.

However, having all our members in a similar category means that ‘money’ has far less influence when being considered by another member. You are considered by us and your potential matches on far more important and comprehensive criteria. In other words, wealthy older men looking for a younger trophy-wife should try another service as Elite Introductions is not for you.

Once you have been on your date, you have the opportunity to give and receive feedback through the agency on your dating experience. This is a unique opportunity for us to refine your search, learn more about what is important to you and most importantly, provide some guidance on how you might be more successful on future dates when that ideal mate comes along.

If you connect on your date you are free to make another date. Keep the agency updated but as intelligent adults you don’t require our permission to continue. We are there however to provide you with guidance and support if you request it. We have relationship experts, a dating coach and a qualified councillor on our team as well as life coaches, personal trainers and even stylists on our books so you can feel assured that we have the resources to take care of you on your journey.

Step 1: We have a phone interview to understand which of our eligible members fit your criteria.

Step 2: We have an interview via Zoom Meeting or in our CBD offices which is our opportunity to get to know you, understand who you are, your interests, lifestyle, life stage and values so we can find compatible matches for you?

Step 3: Our ‘partnership’ commences and we begin preparing you for your first introduction with our eligible members. As always, our greatest wish is that your first introduction is your last.

Click here to get started.

It is against our policy and indeed our ethics to arrange more than one introduction at a time. We do not think it is fair or the right way to start a relationship. We instruct our members to please be patient. To give a connection the space to breathe and the time to grow. Move away from the quantity/volume high failure-rate model of dating apps and treat the partnership nurturing process with the respect it deserves. It’s the only way to true happiness in this area of your life.

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