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When Dating Apps Don’t Work

Although the dating app statistics around privacy, safety and relationship success are disheartening, to say the least, most people feel trapped by them, feeling like there’s no real viable alternative. Dating Apps are spending millions on new technology to try and increase safety and privacy but at the end of the day, it doesn’t work and still hasn’t eliminated the “hookup culture” that has emanated from these platforms.  

But never fear, if dating apps don’t work and you’re “over the apps” (a statement I hear every day), you can put them behind you and position yourself in the places you’re more likely to find people looking for a serious relationship rather than a romp in the hay. 

The opportunities for meeting serious singles are all around you. Some are in obvious places and others are a little less conventional. Here are 5 places you can go to find other people who are also seeking a long-term relationship.

Romantic Hot Spots- The Classics

  • Bars and clubs may seem old school but they are great places to meet people. You can have your friends be your wing…people, you can take the edge of the nerves with a drink and use the loud social environment and the dance floor to move things along. Don’t try to close on the day… show them you’re a grownup and play the long game

Romantic Warm Spots- Social environments that match your interests

  • Connecting with people at your tennis or golf club, rock climbing group, salsa dance class or yoga retreat means you’re meeting people with similar interests and likely similar values. That’s a great place to start. Focus on making friends. You might not meet your partner first hand but you may make friends with someone who will connect you with opportunities. 

Dog Park

  • Get a dog (or borrow a friend’s) and go for a walk. How easy is it to get into a conversation with someone at the dog park? Not everyone with a dog is single…..but we need all types of connections in life… friendships, love.  You may make friends with someone who then introduces you to a friend etc – we all know that story. People love playing matchmakers. 

Co-Working Space

  • Chances are people at work have similar values, level of education, life stage and future vision. So how can we take advantage of those opportunities when they may be hard or not allowed in your workplace? Spending time in similar environments where the same type of people come together is a great strategy. Co-working spaces, business or industry networking groups are great environments to connect to equals who really understand you.

Use a Matchmaker

  • The best matchmakers specialise in placing you with people who want the same things as you. People who match you demographically, share similar values, interests and energy levels. Importantly, everyone is seeking a long-term relationship so you don’t have to sift through the chaff looking for people who are serious. 
  • Reputable Matchmakers like Elite Introductions have very strict policies to protect your privacy as well which is especially important for professionals concerned with unnecessary exposure. 
  • Make sure your Matchmaker specialises in your demographic. Elite Introductions is the only agency in Australia that only works with Executives, professionals and successful business owners. If this is your tribe, you know where to go. 

We offer great training to help you be more effective using all of these methods. In fact, with our guidance and support, some of our members end up meeting their partners outside the service using their new skills and strategies. 

If you need help being more effective in searching for your dream relationship, Book a Free Consultation today. 

About Trudy Gilbert of Elite Introductions:

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmak­er, Trudy Gilbert has been featured on national TV and radio. She is a sort after speaker, has published her tell-all book on dating- 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker and now runs an online dating and relationship training portal at TrudyGilbert.com

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