The Top 7 Second Date Night Ideas

 Sure, there are tons of options… But these are the top 7 second date night ideas.

The classic dinner and a drink date is always a great go-to, be it first dates a third date or a 100th date. However, when you’ve designated time to spend with someone and get to know them — i.e. the definition of a date — you should entail that your events rack up amusement and entertainment, making the evening a memorable one. The second date is the prime opportunity for this. You’ve already broken the ice a bit, so now you want to up the comfort levels by doing something exciting and sharing in that experience together. The second date should be fun! Of course, conversation should be involved, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and see how the other person reacts. Here, we’ve topped the 7 best second date ideas.

  1. BOWLING. Sure, bowling alleys aren’t typically the most romantic, but there’s something so fun about playing a game, cheering the other person on and doing so over a beer and hot chips. Plus, there are ample opportunities for flirting when you hit the lanes.
  2. PICNIC. The second date is also a great time to opt for a daytime meeting. Find a great park, or beach, and bring an amazing picnic basket of fruit, lunch and wine. Being in the outdoors tends to lift people’s spirits.
  3. COOKING AT HOME AND BAKING DESERT. Bringing someone into your home is exciting and intimate. For a second date, you could suggest making dinner yourself and then preparing a dessert that requires the two of you to create the final treat together.
  4. THEATER. A step above the movies, the theater, opera or concert is such an elegant way of showing your date a wonderful time. The experience allows for great conversation recaps and also gives the other person a chance to dress up and feel special.
  5. MUSEUM. Walking through an exhibition, contemplating the works and taking in the artistic vibes always does wonders as a great date night idea.
  6. FESTIVAL. If it’s summer (as it’s about to be) there are tons of festivals and markets popping up — especially true for cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. You could spend hours strolling through a festival, grabbing coffees and checking out what the event has to offer.
  7. AMUSEMENT PARK. Get energy levels up by deciding on an amusement park with go-carts, Ferris Wheels, cotton candy… The works. It might be a bit cheeky, but it’s memorable and enjoyable, which is of utmost importance.

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