8 Ways to Make a Memorable First Impression


When it comes to a stellar first impression, albeit on a date or at an event of business, there are key manners to keep that will give you a competitive edge. Have you ever stood in a group of people being introduced, only to notice that one of the people in the group are garnering the best reception? You might think, oh, well, that person must just be extremely remarkable to attract such a healthy response upon first encounter… However, although that might be true, it’s not the reason for the basis of others’ reactions. In actuality, it’s all about a strong first impression. Your behavior, attitude and overall presentation of yourself will influence the people you meet across both professional and personal interactions. In terms of dating, we’ve kept business in mind while we delved out some key points for presenting your best side possible — be it a client meeting across a boardroom table or a romantic dinner date over pasta and candlelight. Here are our tips on making a memorable first impression:

  1. EYE CONTACT. As soon as you approach your date, always find your eyes meeting theirs. Most importantly, keep them there! If you talk, listen and show signs of body language over eye contact, the other person is sure to feel that you’re truly acknowledging them.
  2. SMILE. There’s nothing more welcoming than a nice, warm smile. No matter what, be sure to bring your best grin forward.
  3. AN ICE-BREAKING QUESTION. “Hi, how are you?” is definitely the go-to when it comes to a standard icebreaker, but we suggest stepping it up a notch. If you want someone to open up to you, and you want to be remembered, try asking a relatable question such as, “Isn’t this just a lovely night? How great is the moon this evening?” Straight away conversation interactions will certainly up comfort levels.
  4. POSTURE. Always ensure that your posture is straight, relaxed and confident.
  5. DRESS FOR THE OCCASION. People often associate what you’re wearing with who you are when they first meet you. So, it’s crucial you dress to impress. Know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, then, choose an outfit appropriately. Good attire wont just influence others’ opinions, it will make you feel good, too.
  6. THE HELLO ACTION. On a business event, a firm, self-assured handshake is necessary. However, when you’re meeting a date (or some you potentially want to take on a date), the environment might be a bit more social. While being self-assured is still essential, a dating interaction tends to be a bit more physical. So, be sure to know what your hello action is before you meet someone. Are you a hugger? Are you a side kiss/hug person? Are you a kiss-on-both-checks kind of person? Find your style, stick with it and embrace with poise to avoid falling into that awkward first interaction (or rather, accidentally kissing someone on the lips or hair).
  7. APPEARING HEALTHY. If you’re full of exercise-induced endorphins, you’re well groomed and glowing, then you’re definitely going to rank higher in terms of a first impression. It’s only natural that those who take care of themselves look better and therefore appear better than those who fail to keep up with their appearance.
  8. RELAX. Swallowing your nerves, pulling yourself out of the situation and making the interaction about the other person will showcase your vitality and ability to lead.

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