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How to ignite your relationship!

Don’t let new romance fade, here’s how to ignite your relationship.

New neurological studies have shown that the best way to ignite the spark in a long term relationship is to do new and exciting activities together. When you do something that is out of the ordinary the brain’s chemical reward system: dopamine and norepinephrine, creates that rush of excitement and exhilaration that one normally feels in the flush of first love.

Trudy Gilbert, relationship expert and founder of executive dating agency Elite introductions, recommends taking this advice at any stage of the relationship, whether you’ve been married for 15 years or have just met take your date to do something that is new and exciting for both of you. This way you show your date that you’re adventurous, unafraid to try new things and have a sense of humour; all very attractive qualities.

There’s also the sweat factor, the more physically active you are the more fresh, heady pheromones you share with each other. As you may know this is one of the key factors in sexual attraction. You can have a laugh and share something fun, unique and interesting. Even if you decide you’re not ‘the one’ for each other you may just start a fun friendship.

So take the leap and do something exciting that you never thought you’d do. Trudy recommends some exciting date nights to try with your partner:

  • Rock Climbing. There are many indoor rock climbing centres where beginners can learn how to rock-climb in safety. This is a great activity to do on a date because when you’re hanging from a rope and your date is holding the end, your life is in their hands! Also an excellent all over body workout.
  • Sailing. Take a boat out on the harbour or take a course in learning how to sail, sun, fresh air and salt water, a great combination for a days fun with your partner.
  • Extreme driving. Learn how to slide your car sideways and how to get out of a spin. From an advanced driver course to a 1 hour thrill rally drive, this is one extreme date that will get the heart pumping.
  • Horse riding. Take a romantic ride with your partner through a park or along the beach.
  • Volunteering. This is not a typical adrenalin-fuelled rush, but taking some time out to give back to the community together with your partner can reinforce your own closeness and gratitude for all that you have in your life.
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