How Busy Professionals Keep the Flame Burning

When it comes to keeping a relationship from dwindling away, even when you’re busy, there’s effort involved. Here’s how busy professionals keep the flame burning.

First off, let’s demolish the myth that romance is effortless. Even if you’re content with your relationship and your career is progressively upward and everything appears wonderful, you’ll still have to work on keeping a healthy flame burning. Naturally, our energy gets divided, but there are certain efforts you can make that ensure your partner of their importance in your life. In fact, obstacles — work, motherhood, friendships, travelling — have the ability to make romantic gestures even that much more romantic. “Make your relationship a priority, even if that means you have to book it in,” says Dating Expert and Elite Introductions Founder Trudy Gilbert (whose client list is exclusive to top professionals). “I’ve matched numerous single professionals over the years, and I’ve learned that the ones who truly put in an effort to keep the romance alive have an easier time when it comes to long-term commitments.” Basically, keeping both your business and love life successful is possible when you choose your behaviors wisely. At the end of the day, it’s what you do for someone — support and attentiveness — that demonstrates your commitment to the relationship. Here’s a few ideas on how busy professionals keep the flame burning:

Make a Date. Then, Stick To It. With a jam-packed schedule — and when you’re both tired after a busy day — it’s easy to forgo a planned evening out for staying home. And while having a routine is always good, romantic one on one time is essential. Even if it’s a simple dinner date or a cocktail after work, insist that you both keep the arrangement. Plan ahead, mark the time and ensure all other events don’t interfere. Most importantly: keep the date.

Show Affection When It’s Not Expected. Randomly showing acts of affection is probably one of the best ways to keep romance flittering about. The element of surprise will remind your partner that you’re emotionally invested even when your time together is limited. Make breakfast for your partner one day when they aren’t expecting it or pick up their favorite desert on you way home — the littlest thoughts of kindness go along way.

Give Yourself 5 Minutes of Connecting Each Day. It might seem strange, but once you’ve been dating someone for a bit, it’s easy to go about the day to day and forget to stop, listen and join wavelengths. Put your love first. Make sure you give your partner at least 5 minutes of dedicated time every day, and during that time, fully absorb what they have to say.

Turn Yourself Off When You Get Home. We all know that expression: “Don’t bring the office home.” It’s so vital to give your attention in a relationship, no matter how stressful or exiting your work might be at the moment. Successful people know how to turn the switch off. It not only makes your relationship better, but it gives your brain a rest.

Find Compromises. Even when you think you’re making proper efforts, there will still be times when worlds collide (or rather, fail to collide). The best thing to do is discuss any issues, develop a few solid rules you can both keep and always do your best to make compromises.

For more dating tips, read Trudy Gilbert’s tell on book on dating, 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker.

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