Golden rules for first dates – tips for women on first dates


Golden Rules for First Dates!

1) Don’t ask how much money your date earns.
This has to be the number one golden rule. I was appalled by how many women actually ask this question followed by What car do you drive? and Do you own your own home?

2) Don’t dress too sexy on the first date.
This is not a good idea unless you are hoping for something to happen at the end of the evening.

3) Try and not wear too much make up.
Men have told me over and over that they don’t like girls who wear too much make up. The natural look is much better.

4) Don’t wear too much jewellery. 
If you are divorced, don’t continue to wear your wedding ring either.

5) Don’t talk about work the whole time.
This is just plain boring for the other person who is not interested in hearing about your career the whole evening.

As far as some additional actual date tips, There is nothing more exciting than adding the element of surprise to your night with that certain someone.  If you are racking your brain out trying to think of how to impress your date without going too over the top – Guerilla Eats is a company that has done the thinking for you. With delicious crawls in hip foodie ‘burbs like Redfern, Darlinghurst and Gleebe, you really can’t go wrong.

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Golden rules for first dates - tips for men on first dates
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