Golden rules for first dates – tips for men on first dates


When it comes to initial encounters, you should definitely follow these golden rules for first dates.

1) Plan the date. 
A date that is planned is often more successful than a date that is thrown together at the last moment. Guys take note! An easy way to make a good impression from the start is if you have something planned. An unplanned date can still work – but why risk it? At least have a back up plan.

2) Never be late.
There is really no need to say anymore. If you are going to be late, at least call first.

3) Be interested in her.
Focus on her by asking her questions and make the effort to find out who she is. I cringe when I hear men talk about themselves the entire evening, leaving the lady bored and frustrated. And remember no wandering eyes either.

4) Be confident.
Women are drawn to confident men. But we carefully as there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

5) Be a gentleman.
On a first date, I would strongly recommend opening doors for your date, pulling out her chair, and pouring her wine. Sadly, today few men do these acts of chivalry so it is an easy way for you to make a good first impression and stand out from your competition.

6) Offer to pay on the first date.
It does not make a good impression if you don’t offer. One of the most unappealing traits women find in men is being stingy. Don’t let this be the last impression she has of you at the end of the night.

7) Compliment Her.
Give her a sincere compliment at the end of the night and thank her for the date.

If you follow these tips, you have a good chance she will say yes to a second date!

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Golden rules for first dates - tips for women on first dates

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