Extraordinary Would Be an Understatement - Elite Introductions"

“Extraordinary Would Be an Understatement”

My experience with Elite Introductions has been nothing but positive. From my initial phone call, to my interview and follow up communication I was kept informed and involved. Of course I had reservations that I would find someone first up – but the owner said she had someone lovely in mind for me so I couldn’t help be excited. Slight comedy of errors (between me and him) almost led to it being a non-starter but ultimately we arranged our first date and it was absolutely incredible. It was simple enough – walk on beach and dinner, but the connection was instant and phenomenal. As he said “extra ordinary would be an understatement”. We had our second date 2 nights later (again amazing) and are off to the Barossa Valley this weekend! 🙂 Definitely feel like this could be it… Massive thank you to Elite and to those who are considering using the service I would say trust the process, accept her advice, stay actively engaged and be positive! There are no guarantees with love but you can put yourself in the best position possible

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