How and Why to Choose a Dating Agency in Sydney

As the exodus from dating apps continues, many people are considering other avenues for dating in Sydney.

The dating app world demands that people only get swiped if they’re photos are attractive enough. This creates a haven for outdated, photoshopped images that tell you nothing about the person. If you are, in fact both attractive enough, your chances of meeting and having a date are increased but most people, trapped in the disposable dating culture of apps will move on shortly after sexual conquest.

For this reason, many of our clients, particularly in Sydney, complain of the failure of dating apps. Some of our clients have been on as many as 150+ dates through dating apps, most only being one date and none eventuating in a serious relationship. These are highly attractive, educated, successful people struggling in a failed dating system.


Ambitious, successful people in Sydney are turning to a Dating Agency to support their journey. Many simply “can’t do the apps any longer”, other Sydney-siders use a dating agency as another string to their bow on their proactive journey to find a life-partner. The pressures of work, family, their social life and personal pursuits just doesn’t leave the time required to find the right partner through other avenues. 


Not only can a dating agency put you in front of legitimate suitors for your heart who are also looking for a serious relationship but they can guide you through the dating process, making sure you have the best strategy to increase your chances of success once you meet the right partner.

Dating Agency Sydney

Elite Introductions is Sydney’s Most Exclusive Matchmaker and Dating Agency, with the largest pool of high end executives and professionals in the country. In fact, Elite Introductions only works with executives, professionals and successful business owners. That way you know that every introduction you enjoy during your membership is with someone who matches you in lifestyle, education, values and life goals. To find out if you could become an elite member of our agency book a free consultation below or take the Elite Eligibility Test Here

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When it comes to dating agencies in Sydney there are a number of choices. Here are some questions to ask your dating agents before choosing the right one for you:

  1. “How many current members do you have on your database?” Make sure there are a decent number of current members as well as a steady flow of new members so there will be choices for you.
  2. “Do you specialise in my demographic?” Rather than working with a more general agency who takes on everyone who applies, it’s always better to work with a specialist who is more likely to provide introductions that suit your personal needs. Knowing yourself and your particular needs, you are most likely seeking a like minded person. It makes sense to work with a dating agency that specialises in that area. Whether you’re a particular level of education, particular religion, age group, blue or white collar, straight or LGBTQ+, etc, certain agencies will specialise in your “preferred type”. For example, J-Junction works with the Jewish community, Beau Brummell specialises in matching gay males, Elite Introductions only works with executives, professionals and successful business owners. You are much more likely to get the quality and quantity of matches you need if you choose a dating agency that specialises in you.
  3. Try and get a referral. If you have friends that have had success with a certain agency then that is a good sign. Most Elite Introductions members come through referrals. You’ll notice nearly all the other agencies in Sydney use paid Google Ads to source their database. If you are new to town or don’t know anyone who has used an agency, check out the reviews. Dating agents tend to not get reviewed as much as other types of businesses when things go right as people generally don’t trumpet to the public that they used a dating agency. So every good review probably equals 10-50 happy clients depending on the agency. When things don’t work out some like to blame outwards so take the reviews with a grain of salt. Dating agencies are a partnership more than a business to customer service so both players have to perform well for a good result. If most of the reviews are great then that’s pretty good for a dating agency. Having said that, make sure there are a decent number of reviews out there for the dating agency. If they only have a few reviews that speaks volumes about how many people they are actually working with. 
  4. Make sure they are offering you something way beyond what you can already source from a dating app or site. Genuine, vetted matches who meet your criteria and are also committed to a serious relationship. Support and guidance from a team of professionals to dramatically improve your chances of success. If they are a one-man-band, they will less likely be able to give you the breadth of support you need.