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The business of matchmaking combines your entrepreneurial spirit with your love and dating life.

In business, we’re constantly outsourcing in an effort to keep things running smoothly with the most efficiency possible. If you lack the knowledge and time to code a website, but you have all this amazing stuff to put on it, wouldn’t you simply hire someone to build the website for you? Yes, you would. So why, when it comes to our personal lives — and more specifically, dating — should our approach to success be any different? The business of matchmaking brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront of the dating scene.

Sometimes, the concept of matchmaking reins a stigma of “desperation,” but it’s anything but. Hiring a matchmaker takes the odds and ends out of traditional dating, such as the ability to go out and meet potential suitors. In terms of online dating, the efforts of producing a truly representable profile, researching other members and interacting with numerous messages can definitely become a burdensome process. Love should never be a burden! If you’re a single, time poor professional (as most of our Elite clients are) then you might be open to love, but unable to investigate your options properly.

Enter: the matchmaker. Matchmaking is an age-old tradition that has been matching couples for centuries. The matchmaker is a professional with years of experience — thus, just as you would hire a professional to consult you in terms of a business negotiation, you hire a matchmaker to consult you over dating. You would never go into business blinded, nor should you go into love. A matchmaker doesn’t toss out dates like free samples, they assess personalities and compatibility based on a learned, profound knowledge of their craft. They’re also there to guide and encourage clients, while providing them with the ability to balance both a personal and professional life appropriately.

No matter how much technology encompasses our lives to “make things easier,” there will always be a place for true, humanistic relationships, which is why matchmaking is one of lifestyle’s oldest business models. It makes perfect sense, no? Consider personal recruitment. You’ll spend a small fortune hiring someone to find you an amazing job that might only last a few years. With a matchmaker, you’re hiring someone to recruit love, which could last forever. And let’s face it, not everyone is good at everything. It’s possible you’ve continuously chosen the wrong type of person, but with a matchmaker, you’ve got someone there to open your mind and teach you the proper methods of dating. Clearly, there’s a reason these love correspondents have been around for ages… Let’s debrief a bit on how rich the cultural history of a matchmaker really is.

It’s said that in the 1600s, the first professional matchmakers came into being. Debuted out of Britain, these then-called ‘Dating Agencies’ were maintaining by Parish Vicars offering to counterpart parishioners to similar class partners. For centuries, this practice provided a means for single churchgoers to avoid the negative sigma of being old and single. Eventually catching attention outside the church, London opened doors to the first known ‘dating agency’ around 1825.

In traditional Chinese and Japanese cultures, matchmakers (also deemed ‘Nakodo’) measure the capabilities between young girls and boys for marriage — or rather, an arrangement marriage (‘Miai’). Although controversial throughout the world, many Japanese believe a ‘Miai’ can lead to a lovely marriage.

Interestingly, Hindu cultures believe in matchmaking based on beliefs in astrology signs.

When it comes to Ireland, there’s no shy attitude towards matchmaking. They’re keen to a festival they host named ‘Lisdoovarna.’ When tourist began visiting the mineral springs during the summertime, the area boomed as a singles hub and inspired matchmaking incentives. Each year, around 40,000 people go out to have a good time and mingle.

Although things have certainly shaped and shifted over time, the basis of matchmaking has remained the same: finding love, and sometimes with a little help. The possibilities are endless.

Learn more about Elite’s Matchmaker, Trudy Gilbert, here.

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