Business Communication Versus Dating Communication

Business communication and dating communication bring similar traits to the table.

Talking sounds like an easy thing. It is. Communication is different. It’s a conversation between two people from a start to an end with a clear premise in between. It doesn’t just happen, good communication takes effort and finesse. When you’re aiming to communicate something to your staff or your boss, usually, you plan through it — you analyze different approaches, different perceptions and different outcomes. The same needs to stand true for dating. If there’s something you need to discuss, take the time to think about the best way to style the approach the situation. Here are a few tips worth considering the next time you and your partner need to have a chat or a simple convo over life.

USE DIPLOMACY. When stress ensues, aim to stay grounded even though you have a stand to talk. Communication is often negotiation, so always keep that in mind before you come blazing in stomping a foot.

DON’T GO DIGITAL. Communication via email or text is OK for a means to an end, but it isn’t proper for important conversations to be exchanged digitally. You wouldn’t fire someone at work via a text message, so pay the same respect to your partners. If you have something important to say — something that’s important to you — make time to have an in person discussion.

RESPECT DIFFERENCES. If you’re bringing something up that you know your partner doesn’t believe in or respect, approach with caution. Be courteous of their beliefs and opinions, you’ll be more likely to get a point across if you are.

SHOW FEEDBACK. When someone in the office is explaining something to you, you’ll let him or her know you’re listening by commenting or repeating back. This definitely needs to be considered in regards to speaking with your loved ones. There’s nothing worse than a one-sided conversation in a relationship, so don’t just listen — let them know you’re listening.

CONSIDER YOUR EMOTIONS. It simply isn’t OK to constantly break down in tears behind your desk. By letting your emotions take too much control, you’ll miss out on finding a means to figure out the situation that’s making you upset. When you’re speaking with your special someone, and you feel yourself getting emotional, it’s acceptable — but to a degree. Try to keep your brain focused on the matter at hand, rather than loosing control.


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