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7 Attitudes for Success in Business, Dating & Relationships

If you are career-driven, time and energy are precious to you. As such, focusing on love/relationships is the least thing you may think of than questioning your viability. However, some traits in reaching your success in business (i.e., hard work, commitment, courage, and ambition) may help you reach the success of your dating life.

In this article, you’ll learn about 

  • Balancing a successful career and love 
  • Having and not choosing between love and career
  • Understanding the similarities between successful traits in business and love
  • Knowing the powerful common traits in business and love

As my company, Elite Introductions, specialises in working with high-net-worth individuals, expectantly, most are focused on their careers or businesses. They seemed to find strategies for business/finance success but sadly were struggling to understand “love and relationships”.

The issues lie between relationships and facets of our lives. The people who associate relationships with business careers they’ve succeeded in will tend to thrive in love. The people may struggle in balancing if they associate relationships with their other pursuits.

Choosing between love and career is never that easy. But how about taking all the options, then creating a wise decision to make it viable?

Bottom line is, you can have the best of both worlds. 

In fact, many people approach dating with some of the same strategies that have served them well in careers/business but choose the wrong approaches. I see them act entitled and call it “standards”. These behaviours may have worked during tough times in business but will not work when dealing with the unpredictability of two people in love. 

The right strategies that work long-term in business are just what the doctor ordered when seeking a balance of love in their lives. Here are my top 7. 

Approach Your World with Kindness and Charity

You may not know this but highly successful people are some of the most generous people I know. And before you respond with, ‘Hey, when I’m rich I also plan to be generous’ these people’s charity goes way beyond money. They devote time, energy and focus to causes that matter to them. So although you may hold onto the fact that they may have more money than you, I can assure you that their highly demanding lives leave little spare time and energy. The average person would have far more of those resources, yet these highly successful individuals see the purpose of good beyond themselves and dig deep to help others. This trait is very powerful in relationships. Understanding that happiness in love comes from the value that you bring to someone else’s life, will be transformative in your relationships. Spend time putting both the other person and the relationship itself above your own personal needs and wants. Then watch your life evolve into something far more fulfilling.

Know Yourself and Be Better at Work  and Love-Self Awareness

One of the most underappreciated traits is the self-awareness to know where you thrive and where you struggle. Successful people tend to be very good at this. They know when to put their hand up and say they don’t know something or are not good at something. Best leaders make the most of their talents and abilities by working on their weaknesses, minimising those weaknesses, enhancing their strengths, and tapping into the resources of the people around them. They don’t let it stop them. Bringing this strategy into your relationship can be very powerful. Acknowledging your faults to your partner can create amazing breakthroughs, increase understanding and compassion and help formulate new strategies together to be better. Being brave enough to ask for help and lean on your support systems to be better will increase your success also. Bring your leadership self-awareness into your relationship and elevate your connection.

Take Accountability  for Yourself  and Your Choices

Probably the most common thread I witness in relationships that fail is each person tends to blame the other for the failure. Middle management in business can struggle with this as well because people fear the potential consequences of being accountable for failures. But what I experience in clients who are CEOs and other strong leaders, is a willingness to be accountable for the breakdowns that occur. They tend to have a ‘buck stops with me’ type philosophy. This accountability can reap positive results in relationships. Putting your hand up and saying, ‘my responsibility in this breakdown was…’ is a fast track to symbiosis in relationships.

Be Confident in Who you Are

One of the key traits of successful leaders is their confidence in their own ability. It creates courage. They ask for the ball rather than hoping it will be passed to someone else. They don’t need all the answers to put their hand up to lead a project. Self-confidence is very attractive in relationships and self-belief often projects onto their belief in the relationship and what is possible. This creates excitement and adds incredible value to the relationship and nothing keeps someone interested more than feeling like they are getting incredible value from the relationship. 

Be Resilience

Great leaders do not fear failure. In fact, they see it as a necessary path to their goal. They roll with the punches, get back on the horse and all those metaphors that show they have true grit. I’ve seen wonderfully promising relationships fall apart at the first barrier when a little tenacity would have solved the problem and set up an even stronger foundation for a better relationship. When you hit a barrier or have a breakdown with your partner, put away the fatalism and acknowledge it for what it is – a challenge, and likely a temporary one. It’s ok to stuff up. It’s ok for them to stuff up. This shit is hard my darlings. Brush yourself off and remember what is important. Your love, your alignment and your connection. 

Be Optimistic

In relationships and business, successful people see challenges as an opportunity, not something to shy away from. They believe in themselves, the person standing in front of them and the possibility of what can be created together. It excites them and their enthusiasm is contagious. Believe in what is possible for the two of you. It will minimise most barriers and create opportunities for excitement, passion and success in your love life.

Take Risk Despite What People Might Think

Underlying much of the negative choices I witness some clients make, is a concern, or an over-concern about how they are being perceived – by their mate, friends, family, work colleagues and their community at large. Life and relationships don’t come with a guarantee. You must be willing to take risks and not be so concerned with how things look. Regret from inaction is far more common than regret from the action. Hold onto your belief systems and your values. The alignment of these values between you and your partner are far more powerful than people’s opinions. 

As Australia’s leading matchmaker, I deal with successful leaders on a daily basis, whether they be CEOs, entrepreneurs, sports stars, celebrities or influencers. Many of them feel they haven’t had the time to focus on the skills required to be successful in love. But, the traits that brought them success in their professional lives, may just be what they need to elevate their private lives. And, they might just be able to teach you all some great skills along the way. 

About Trudy Gilbert of Elite Introductions:

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmak­er, Trudy Gilbert has been featured on national TV and radio. She is a sort after speaker, has published her tell-all book on dating- 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker and now runs an online dating and relationship training portal at TrudyGilbert.com

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