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There are many ways to get a second date… But we’ve rounded out the 7 most important.

When you head out on a first date with someone new, there’s always going to be questions pervading the back of your mind… Will I like him? Will he like me? Will we have a good time? Such thoughts are natural, they arise from the nerves of realizing you’re possibly embarking on a new romance. On that note, if you are truly interested in perusing a romance off a first date, here are a few key points to focus on that will further your chances for a second evening out.

The Most Promising Ways To Get A Second Date Are….

  1. Dress like yourself. On a first date, resist the urge to experiment with the latest trend — it could end up all wrong and leave you uncomfortable! Feelings of uneasiness will find a way to pervade the evening, so eliminate the chance of such distractions. Wear an ensemble you know and love, and that brings out your best side: your eyes, your figure, etc. Pick a pair of comfortable shoes, because you never know when a leisurely after-dinner walk might take place. Same goes for men. The way you dress adds value to your first impression.
  2. Tell Amusing Stories. The first date is about tapping the ice, gently picking away, building up to the breaking point. Use such a time to relay lighthearted, humorous and endearing tales. A first date isn’t the time to speak long narratives covering the dramas of why your father left your mother, thus leaving you with relationship problems and two divorces. Give that stuff time. Let the other person get to know you gradually before you slice them with an icicle. LAUGH. SMILE. MAKE EYE CONTACT. Let them know you’re having a good time.
  3. Be Polite. Even if your order comes out wrong three times, keep your manners. When someone is just getting familiar with you, and a harsh attitude comes out, it can inadvertently put up a wall and distract your date from your better qualities.
  4. Play The Listen-and-Relate Convo Game. A solid, interactive conversation is probably the most important ingredient to making someone interested on the first date. Not every amazing conversation starts out great — it might take a little effort! Listen. Actively listen! Respond with comments, questions and similar situations that show you understand what your date is talking about. This, my friends, creates the circle of conversation, where one topic can easily lead into another.
  5. Leave comparisons at home. Comparing your new date to an old fling is a sure fire way to feel unsatisfied. Everyone is different. Find the good qualities you like in the person sitting across from you in the present, there’s no sense grudging up the past when it comes to potential new relationships. If you’re apprehensive, you’re date might sense your hesitation and loose interest — even though after the date, you might end up liking him!
  6. Bring your full attention to the table. If you had a stressful workday or have someone texting you about upcoming plans, don’t interact with the urge to acknowledge these extenuating circumstances. And absolutely, don’t text over dinner. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Enjoy yourself! Your emails aren’t going anywhere.
  7. Let him know you’re interested! If you want a second date, be upfront about it. There are great subtle ways to do this as well; such as if he offers to pay, let him know, “The next one’s on me.” Tell him you look forward to getting together again soon.
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