Elite 500+

Welcome to the Elite 500+ club.

“Hello and welcome to the elite 500+ club. My name is Trudy Gilbert and it has been my great pleasure and privilege to have had a hand in creating so many successful relationships over the 8 years I have been operating Elite Introductions. During this time I have introduced people from all professions at the top of their game. My corporates have been directors, execs and CEO’s, my sports professionals have been champions, my business owners have been large employers, my doctors have been specialists, my designers have been house hold names and my media professionals have been highly regarded creatives. My matching philosophy for my Elite members has always been based on lifestyle and attraction, which stands true for the Elite 500+ club.

Put a couple together who are attractive and share lifestyle expectations and there is a good chance that sparks will fly. Most notably this applies to the top 15% of my database that can afford and expects a lifestyle and experiences normally out of reach of most people. This 15% do not stay available for long and it is not uncommon for them to connect with the first person they are introduced to. This realisation is the inspiration behind the 500+club.

A membership with the 500+ club ensures you will be mixing with members whose accomplishments and level of sophistication meets your own. Your 500+ membership will also include some of the most exciting and exotic dating experiences curated by our concierge partner Alsakar.”

Some of the unique experiences you can enjoy are;

  • Access to any private golf course in Sydney with pick up and drop off by prestige private car
  • Invitation to private track days on race tracks with other like-minded high nett worth individuals
  • Research and negotiation of high value lifestyle assets eg luxury cars, boats, watches and jewellery
  • Access to private cellars at exclusively discounted rates
  • Creation of unique experiences and gift purchasing for birthdays and important occasions
  • Access to Australia’s leading celebrity stylist – often booked out for months in advance

“Life should be full of pleasurable surprises.  I want you to fall in love, I want you to do it in style  and I want to make it easy, fun and memorable………….”

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