The Best Place to Go on a First Date

It’s always a ponder, isn’t here? Well, rest easy — here’s the best place to go on a first date.

By now you know that the worst place to go on a first date is to dinner and a movie as it is too routine. It shows no imagination. Plus, a dinner and a movie first date is a stressful situation. First you go to dinner. You’re both nervous, not wanting to eat. Then you go to a movie and sit for two hours saying nothing to each other. Not a good idea for the first time together.

I have a better idea. A comedy club!

Frankly, I can’t think of a better first date. You know you’re going to have fun. It’s rare that people leave a comedy club without having a couple of hours of non-stop laughs.

How do you feel your date feels when you leave the comedy club? He or she thinks you’re fun to be with. You arranged a good time. For a few hours, your date had no problems to think about only laughs.

So, now we’ve solved the problem you’ve probably had deciding where to go on a first date. If you always choose a comedy club, you probably can’t go wrong.

Expert from “How to be outrageously successful with the opposite sex” by Paul Hartunian

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