Based on last night’s The Bachelor Australia Episode 12, there’s one girl who is truly in the lead.

Last night on The Bachelor Australia Episode 12, Blake chooses a group date and a single date. The single date went to Jessica, but first… The group date floated out into the Sydney harbor atop an amazing yacht with cocktails and sunshine. On the group date, Blake pulls Sam aside to share an intimate moment, but lacks much one on one time with other girls. Are we seeing a trend in Blake’s interests? Yes.

On the single date, Blake and Jess share a very romantic date with lots of intense staring, kissing and intimate moments. It is clear that they have intense chemistry. She looks at him with those doey eyes and you can see them getting lost in each other. She also opens up to him about her past, about where her strength and contentment comes from. This more intimate sharing doesn’t seem to scare Blake, but rather, it intrigues him. Jess certainly waiting the appropriate amount of time before she started to really pushing her feelings and acting “coupleish,” and Blake seems to appreciate that.

Still, is there more to their relationship? I have to wonder. If I were to put my money on a winner — I’d pick Sam. I’ll tell you why. Chemistry is great, but it can wear off. You need a strong basis of friendship with common values. He is most himself when he is with Sam. They have good conversation, a laugh… They’re both relaxed around each other.

With Jess, it all seems a little too intense. It’s all about the physical. After that wears off — after the fairy tale is finished — what is left? I also get the sense that Sam is more grounded, genuine and knows who she is just a little bit more. Don’t get me wrong, Jess is gorgeous and sweet, but that’s all we’ve seen of her. What else is there?

Although, bear in mind we only see a five minute edited version of a potentially 3-4 hour date, so we don’t see the entire exchange, conversation etc. We only see what the producers want us to see. Either way, at the end of the day, simple mannerisms go along way. In Sam, based on the final edits of the show, we see the most down-to-earth personality, which resonates with realness. Take away all the glitz and jet setting The Bachelor has to offer, and we still see Sam in sweatpants hanging out and having a good time with Blake.

The rose ceremony came down to the new girls, two of which were sent home. Now, the final standing girls all share a built up connection with Blake, so we’re interested to see how the next few weeks go!

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