What to learn from The Bachelor Australia Episode 11

Last night on The Bachelor Australia Episode 11, Blake decided to forgo a group date in order to get three single dates. For the date, he chose Sam, Laurina and a new girl. Out of these dates, Laurina’s sparks the most interest. Blake, knowing she’s a bit of a glam queen, chooses an evening of bowling and street pies. Laurina, in an adorable green, mini cocktail dress with Salvatore Ferragamo heels, is obviously distressed and totally uncomfortable, “out of her zone.” However, she’s smarter than we think… While eating the pie, Laurina admits she’s onto the fact that the date is a test, and she speaks up about her lack of appreciation for the situation. How do we feel about her response? Well, she’s right. When you’re dating someone, and you know them, it’s one thing to make an event out of doing something low key, but it’s another to use a date as a flat out test. Dates are meant for romance and/or getting to know someone. Of course it’s important that, when dating, you know how be casual, embrace a good time, but Laurina was completely thrown off guard. We couldn’t help but notice that Blake grasped the unfairness of this situation as well. Still, the end of the date was lovely… He flew in her adorable little puppy and delivered the little Chihuahua amongst a fairy lit park bench. The lesson here is, know the person you’re dating. It’s one thing to surprise, but it’s another to flat out put someone up to a test.

Now, later in this episode, Blake pulls Amber aside — who has never had a single date — and shares with her that he just doesn’t feel the connection he’s looking for, but he doesn’t want to put her through another rose ceremony (she goes home). She handled it like a lady, however, she was correct on her stance. Why did Blake keep her around for so long if he wasn’t interested in even becoming interested? This isn’t the best way to go about finding the love of your life. If you’re remotely into someone, definitely go on a proper date and spend some one on one time with that person before you decide there’s no connection.

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