In The Bachelor Australia Episode 10, Louise proves that it is possible to be polite and play to win.

To start this episode, Zoe gets the single date. Blake whisks her away into the Sydney harbor for a romantic, tropical date including a little game of pass the pineapple with a beautiful sunrise.

Now, the group date for this episode is baking in the kitchen. (So, not only are all the girls seeing and fighting over the same guy, but also, their dates are always “children” and now baking — ughmm… Feminist will not be happy). Anyways, during the group date Louise is the shinning star. Even though it’s a game, she chooses to help the other ladies with their cakes. Even with kindness, she comes out on top. Not a usual strategy for the Blinons (Blake’s Minions), but it’s good to know there’s still a bit of perspective left in the group. However, this was not the case for Amber and Cara who struggled over a sabotage debate in the kitchen.


Otherwise, there wasn’t much drama throughout this episode. Yesterday, we saw Jessica playing the game pretty aggressively (kissing Blake on a group date) and taking the heat for it. However, last night Blake pulled her aside to apologize — and we’re now aware that Blake does indeed have information on what’s going on behind the castle walls. What we’re still finding is that the girl’s who are open and honest and play to win Blake’s heart come out on the top. The girls (in the case of this episode, Cara and Amber) who get caught up in the drama of staying on top of The Blinons are going to be the last ones standing. The message here is focus on what you want, and don’t let extracurricular drama consume your ambitions and cloud your judgment. In this episode, Louise proves that you can be polite and play to win at the same time.

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