The traits of a successful professional that are downright sexy.

Drive. Initiation. Thoughtfulness. These are all characteristics of a successful person, but most importantly, they’re traits of a passionate person. You can’t succeed in business without passion. There will always be times when you aren’t making money, everything seems to be conflicting and you’re frustrated to the point of throwing in the towel, but passion keeps you going. When you’re focused on what you love, rather than what you want, you tend to see a bigger picture and thus, have more chances than others of being successful in life. You couldn’t run a car on one tank of gas forever, could you? Business is the same. It requires perspective and hunger. So, what makes being a passionate professional so sexy?

  1. ATTENTION. If you’re passionate about your career, it shows you have the ability to focus on something, and every relationship needs strong attention to thrive.
  2. PROBLEM SOLVING. Every business faces issues. In fact, it usually seems that there are more problems than there are triumphs! But passionate professionals know how to get through the terrain. Being capable of dealing with conflict — in a way, heroism — is one of the oldest attraction factors in the book.
  3. COMMITMENT. Having a smart eye for your profession shows disciple and commitment. It let’s others know that you’ve sacrificed yourself in order to become talented at what you love, even though it wasn’t always easy.
  4. GOALS. Sexy professionals set out lists of goals and then go after them. Everyone, especially singles in the dating world, loves a good chase!
  5. RELIABILITY. Having an organized, processed vision allows for feelings of comfort and stability, which is often times in the top three of what someone looks for in a partner.

About Trudy Gilbert of Elite Introductions:

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmak­er, Trudy Gilbert has been featured on Channel 9’s Today Show, Mornings, The Morning Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Sky News, In­sight, 2GB, ABC FM and most recently appeared in the top rating The Real Housewives of Mel­bourne. She also speaks regularly at networking events and has recently published her tell all book on dating 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker.

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