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Dating Testimonials: Read what our clients are saying about Elite

Below are some recent dating testimonials from our members who are both professional and executive singles who have benefited from our dating services. If you are a member or have attended one of our events and would like to make a comment then email us at

Peter, 44, Creative Director, Sydney, divorced with 3 kids, he was head hunted from the UK for a global media organization.

“Being new to Sydney I found becoming a member of Elite to be one of the best decisions of that year. I met amazing women, a couple of them are still great friends. I think Trudy has a real talent for recruiting a particular ‘type’. All the women I met were in my opinion attractive, fun, very interesting and really out there doing some incredible stuff! Trudy introduced me to Emma who has also lived extensively in the UK and is a media professional it was great to meet her away from the glare of industry gossips. We are expecting our first child next month.” (Met Emma April 2013, Baby due July 2015)

Kate, 52, Interior Designer, Sydney, divorced and with two adults children, Kate was looking to meet an intelligent man who was open minded, happy and emotionally secure.

“Needless to say, both my partner and I are thrilled to have met each other through Elite Introductions and all of our friends and family comment that they think we are the perfect match. I would happily recommend Elite Introductions and will remain forever grateful for being introduced to my future husband. Thank you” (Met Paul January 2013, Engaged February 2015).

Jo, 36, Sydney, Marketing Executive, widowed and with two young children wanted to meet someone who enjoyed being outdoors, is driven, confident, likes to get the most out of life and is honest and genuine. Wayne was her first introduction.

“We arranged our first date and it was absolutely incredible. It was simple enough – walk on beach and dinner, but the connection was instant and phenomenal. As he said “extra ordinary would be an understatement”. We had our second date 2 nights later (again amazing) and are off to the Barossa Valley this weekend! :-) Definitely feel like this could be it… Massive thank you to Elite and to those who are considering using the service I would say trust the process, accept her advice, stay actively engaged and be positive! There are no guarantees with love but you can put yourself in the best position possible.” (Met Wayne February 2015).

Lucy, 35, Lawyer, Sydney, divorced and with one child was looking for an ambitious, intelligent, outgoing and good humoured partner. She met Daniel, a Senior Executive and 7 months later they got engaged.

“Trudy is the consummate professional. I found her to be responsive, warm, an excellent communicator (including being a good listener) and discrete. It was a pleasure dealing with her and I really appreciated the attentive and personal service that she provided. Trudy introduced me to the wonderful man who is now my fiance! For all of these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend her services.” (Met Daniel June 2011, Engaged January 2012).

Gary, 58, General Manager, Melbourne, divorced and with two children, came to see us after reading an interview about Trudy Gilbert in the Daily Telegraph. After having been married for 20 years, Gary was new to the dating scene and was looking to meet an attractive, fun and spontaneous lady.

“After meeting with Trudy, I felt relaxed and comfortable and was highly impressed by the fact that she was genuinely interested in getting to know me and was committed to introducing me to someone who has similar interests, goals and intellect. I had great success with Elite which exceeded all expectations. I met my partner, Julia, and we have been together since March 2007″ (Met Julia March 2007, Married August 2011).

Shirley, 26, Medical Professional, Gold Coast, never married and with no children. She was referred to us from a friend and wanted to meet a man who was family orientated, a go getter, confident and a good communicator.

“I had been using an online dating site and found it was a complete waste of time. I was attracted to Elite as I thought it was an efficient and effective way to meet a partner. I liked that everyone coming to Elite is interviewed and screened and that they pay a membership fee. This really guarantees you are meeting singles who are committed to having a serious relationship. I met my now husband through Elite and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!” (Met Peter April 2009, Married October 2010).

Tracey, 33, Finance Professional, Sydney, never married and with no children. A very stylish, attractive, intelligent girl, she was looking for an equal.

“The only reservation I had before signing up was can they deliver? Yes they can! And yes they did! I wanted to meet a successful, intelligent, and accomplished man who shared my interests and values. My list was quite specific. To my delight, the person I was introduced to ticked all the boxes and more” (Met Anthony August 2011, currently happily dating).

Christian, 42, Architect, Melbourne, never married, no children came to see us as he was looking for a partner who enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle and being active, who was also confident, feminine, stylish and genuine.

“I didn’t want to put myself on a dating website and have a public profile. Privacy and discretion were critical for me. I was recommended by a friend who had met their partner through Elite Introductions and was overjoyed. I met with Trudy and was instantly impressed. She was warm, made me feel comfortable and took her time in getting to know me. I was introduced to only a few stunning women before I met my now partner. We have been together 2 years and are planning a long future together!” (Met Amanda June 2009, Happily dating).

Stefan, 37, Business Owner, Brisbane, never married and with no children was referred to us and was looking to settle down and start a family.

“I’d highly recommend Elite to any single person who wants to meet a like minded partner efficiently and quickly and is over hanging out in bars and clubs until 2am! As a confident, social man, I have no problem meeting people but I found I wasn’t meeting people who excited me. How do you meet intelligent successful women? I met Jane and we have a wonderful life together” (Met Jane May 2008, Baby Boy born August 2010).

Nicky, 28, Marketing Manager, Sydney, never married and with no children. She came to us after reading about Elite Introductions in a magazine.

“I am so pleased that I have met you and to be working with you. You are truly and personally invested in everyone’s case and you don’t know how much it means to me to know that I have an angel out there to look out for me”.

Hugo, 49, Chief Investment Officer, Melbourne, divorced and with three children. After having been divorced for 3 years, it was time for Hugo to re-enter the dating scene. He really liked the practical approach of Elite Introductions screening matches on his behalf.

“Meeting Jennifer has absolutely changed my life. I knew from the first date that I would end up asking her to marry me. We now have 5 children between the two of us and the biggest obstacle in our relationship was trying to find a 6 bedroom house! I am so fortunate to have her in my life. Thank you so much Elite Introductions” (Met October 2007, Married April 2008).

Carolyn, 44, Veterinarian, Byron Bay, widowed and with two children. Carolyn was looking for a partner who was honest, mature, evolved, who enjoys life and loves having interesting discussions. She met Peter, 48, a business owner and they hit it off straight away.

“Trudy had someone for me to meet and I was sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure about her choice of introduction. I should have never questioned her professionalism as when we met, there were pure fireworks. I applaud her intuition and I’m so glad that she trusted her instincts and introduced me to Peter” (Met April 2009, currently happily dating).

Veronica, 30, Corporate Finance, Sydney, never married and no children. Veronica came to Elite as she wanted to meet a successful professional who was serious about being in a relationship and who was also funny, caring and an animal lover.

“I met the most wonderful people through this service. Everyone put forward was a real catch. I couldn’t believe my luck when I met Luke. We have so much in common. I think our first date turned into a 3 day event! Thanks Elite Introductions – you’ve changed our lives!” (Met June 2011, currently happily dating).

Rachel, EA, 40, Melbourne, single and no children was looking for a genuine, compassionate, down to earth partner. She met David, a Product Development Manager and have been dating since February.

First of all I would like to thank you for introducing me to David. You definitely listened to me re: all the ideal qualities I am looking for and I am very impressed by the standard of service provided by Elite. Just an update…I met David on Wednesday after work and we had a lovely time over a few drinks, just talking about normal stuff and laughing about some of the things we had in common. He surely is the perfect gentleman like you had said he was and we have organised to see one another for a second date! (Met David February 2014)

Sarah, 32, National Marketing Manager, Melbourne, single and no children and was looking for someone who is fun to do things with, see live music an inner city person who likes good films and likes to travel. She met Andrew, 40, a Managing Director and they have been happily dating.

“Andrew and I are going to be in Cannes at the same time, pure coincidence. We had a dream date at the European on Thursday lots of sparks flying and we discovered we know a lot of the same people and thought it amazing that we had not met before. Thanks so much for your great work it’ s very exciting and I will update when I get back” (Met Andrew April 2014) 

Stephen, 30, Business Owner, Sydney, was looking for a partner who was feminine, down to earth, fun, has a good energy level and intelligent. He met MIchelle, 28, Fashion Stylist and are now happily engaged.

“Michelle was everything I was looking for and more. Trudy understood me and what I wanted in a partner. There was an instant connection and attraction. She just got me from day one. We are now engaged thanks to you! I was sceptical about joining but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made” (Met Michelle, August 2013, Engaged February 2014)

Anna, 33, Civil Engineer, Melbourne, was looking for a man who was not intimated by her, who had a sense of humour and was driven. She met Adam, 35, Sales Executive towards the end of 2012.

“I remember you saying hearing good news from your clients ‘puts a skip in your step’ so Adam and I are still going strong we have moved in to his place in Southbank after spending a great New Year in Tokyo. We are planning a trip to New York to meet his family so it looks like you can add us to the success stats.” (Met Adam September 2012 and happily dating)

Here’s what other members say about Elite Introductions:

“Elite Introductions is the business class of dating”

“When I joined Elite I was not sure whether I would be able to utilize the service given my sometimes hectic travel schedule between Sydney and my offices in Asia but Trudy convinced me that the strong compatibility between myself and her members would be worth the effort. I am very impressed by Trudy’s organisational skills and her matching ability. When I return to Sydney it has all run very smoothly and over the last 6 months I have looked forward to coming home a meeting someone exciting and always lovely company. I think I have met the ‘one’, early days but pretty happy and well worth the extra effort.”

“I am looking for my equal and due to the nature of my work and the hours I work, I find it hard to meet people like-minded people and would prefer for potential partners to be screened for me. I like the idea of outsourcing to professionals. We do this all the time in business so it makes perfect sense to do it in my personal life”.

 “The values of the agency are as per my own, hence the exclusive approach has me confident I will be introduced to members that appeal to me – not only physically but also emotionally and on many other levels such as similar interests and lifestyle, desire to succeed and making the most of life.”

“I have just started dating again and find it challenging to meet someone with the sort of qualities I am after. I am also very happy in my own skin with a lot of things to do by myself and the quantity approach to meeting women doesn’t work. Finally you actually have the right business model – the fee creates a pool of the right compatible group and the best dates are ones where frankly someone with good intuition puts you together”

 “I am successful in my field and have quite a public profile in my industry so I want to keep my search for a partner private. Your agency seems to have a good reputation for helping successful professionals meet and your service is discreet and confidential which truly important to me.

 “What appeals to me about Elite is that they interview and screen all applicants. By being more hands-on with the matching process and actually meeting me, they will have a better idea of what I’m about and what I’m looking for. Being introduced by friends is often the best way to meet people.”

‘My current role involves a lot of travel overseas. Getting an email from Trudy when I am so far from home saying she has a fabulous woman to introduce to me is fun and exciting’.

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