Let’s explore dating poetry, as in, let’s break down the meaning of the term through an acrostic poem project.

D: Date

The moment when two people find themselves graced by each other’s attention with the potential of love looming the background… Well, it’s an exciting environment. The date is the first act in the dating process. On the first date, you should be focusing on amusement, laughter and tapping on the ice to break. As relationships build, the date turns from a form of getting to each other to a means of spending time together.

A: Attraction.

Both physical and intellectual attractiveness acts as the underlying source for starting a relationship. Being attracted to your partner is essential, and while males know straight away if they’re attracted or not, females have the ability to develop attraction after getting to know someone — even if they’re not physically drawn at first.

T: Talking

Communication is key for both getting to know someone and allowing someone to know you. In dating, the deepness of communication gradually grows with the relationship.

I: Investing

In order for a relationship to prosper, you have to invest time into the dating process. Couples don’t just magically form. They require various stages of progression, which require time and effort.

N: Negotiating

When you start dating someone and getting to know him or her, it’s important you go into the relationship with an open mind. Throw away any long form “check list” in favor of a few key characteristics, while always remaining flexible with your expectations.

G: Giving

To truly give a relationship a chance, you have to give up a bit of yourself. Let your hair down, if you will. Portraying any but yourself is dishonest to you and your potential partner.

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