Venture capital and dating bring up strong, untied points.

In a light-hearted, yet seemingly appropriate manner, SEOmoz CEO, Rand Fishkin, declares a look at the comparisons between raising venture capital and dating. Yes, it’s charming. Who knew the two scenes theoretically collided?

When this live essay first launched, SEOmoz was rounding out of their first round of VC funding as a profitable and growing company. At this time, the business was seeking round B, allowing the brand to feel the changes of company size, the likes of changing marketing angles and the act of embracing a new table of interested investors.

SEOmoz: 10 Disturbing Similarities Between Dating & Raising Capital from SEOmoz on Vimeo.

So, what is the VC process all about when it comes to small businesses? Well SEOmoz would know, of course. In this video, Fishkin gives viewers a great insight to the world of capital raising, and while he does it, we get a bit draw dropped with amusement as he uses dating for his primary analogy.

A few key points we picked up from the video above:

  • First off, raising VC causes you to think an incredible amount about your own business. When you go out dating, it’s pretty natural to start dissecting yourself. Just as in VC raising, you should always pull out your best assets and strengthen your weaker ones before you start pitching to serious potential.
  • In terms of levels of hotness, if you’re dating someone that’s “hotter” than you, or ranks higher than you in terms of looks, but yet they’re still spending a lot of time by your side, they’re probably interested. A VC’s time is worth more than someone who is looking for capital, thus, if a VC is spending more time with you, they have developed curiosity. The same stands true for dating… Even when it feels like a long shot, if the other person keeps reaching out and/or responding, there’s got to be some levels of interest.
  • Social media. If you’re dating someone that you see as serious potential, but you haven’t put all your eggs in one basket just yet, don’t “tweet flirt” between prospects online. You can loose your investor, as he sees you’ve taken a liking to all his competition and/or you appear unreliable. Thus, you can also loose someone you really like, as it isn’t really polite to flaunt everything you have going on when you’ve entered into a possibility with someone else.

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