The 6 basics you need to remember to thrive in business, love and well, life in general.

Having worked with professional singles on a regular basis since 2005, I’ve garnered the experience necessary to truly state there are very relative characteristics between manners in business and dating. Above and beyond all the advice I’m about to divulge, it’s important to remember that the key factor to both is always an underlining aspect of positivity. As Willie Nelson is famously quoted as saying, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” If good manners are the root of civilization, then they’re definitely the roots to a successful lifestyle. The same goes for love. Think on the bright side, and have the courage to go after what you want. Even though you may be excelling in the office, you’re dating life might still be working itself out – and that’s OK! Here, I’ve rounded up 6 traits to carry over from your work mentality to your dating mentality. The common traits for success in business and love are:

  1. NO EXPECTATIONS. What I mean by “no expectations” is not you should wander about without caring, it’s that you shouldn’t get discoursed by setting your hopes high and not being open to a different path than you indeed when you began. For instance, you might have wanted to make partner, but didn’t. Does that mean you stop aiming for next year? No. You keep going, without letting expectations ruin your spirit.
  2. A WILLINGNESS TO BE OPEN. I always encourage openness with my clients. Being open is not just a key to success; it’s a key to happiness.
  3. EXCITEMENT FOR MEETING NEW PEOPLE. Encountering new people only enriches ones viewpoint on life, be it good or bad.When you meet new people, you learn. It’s the nature of humanity. Even if you aren’t sexually attracted to someone or interested in them as a partner, embracing new friends will only deepen who you are as a person.
  4. GENERAL KINDNESS. Be it a doorman, a waiter, a top level CEO or a random stranger on the sidewalk, you’ll always get more honey with bees! People who see people giving kindness are more likely to be kind towards them. It’s contagious.
  5. LISTENING. I know I mention listening every week, but it’s just essential. Don’t just wait for you chance to talk, listen and respond to people. Listen to their words and their body language.
  6. BEING SINCERE. You’re nothing if you aren’t yourself. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to believe in your work. If you want a relationship to be successful, you have to be genuinely involved.

About Trudy Gilbert of Elite Introductions:

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmak­er, Trudy Gilbert has been featured on Channel 9’s Today Show, Mornings, The Morning Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Sky News, In­sight, 2GB, ABC FM and most recently appeared in the top rating The Real Housewives of Mel­bourne. She also speaks regularly at networking events and has recently published her tell all book on dating 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker.

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