Oh Jessica… Win the game, loose the friends. This is The Bachelor Australia Episode 9 Recap.

This week, The Bachelor begins with a date card. With the new girls around, time with Blake is even harder to come by, which is causing quite the hectic house. It would be totally uncool if a new girl got a single date, but turns out the invitation is extended to Chantel. Phew. The girls seem OK with that. The concept of game playing is taking on whole new scores with this episode. Not only is one-on-one time a bigger issue, but also, The Blinons (Blake’s Minions) are beginning to bond — becoming friends dating the same guy (also known as, Bigamy). The game of masking jealously is in full force. Forced smiles everywhere! They’re excited for Chantel and her single date, but they’re jealous and worried that a growing depth with Chantel will weaken other bonds. Desperation levels are on the rise.

Blake plays another nod to children on this group date, taking the girls to a carnival. The date consists of all the new girls, which of course causes a stir. However, while on the date, the biggest tension rises from Jessica. First off, Cara gets some one-on-one time with Blake and utilizes this chance wisely. She’s open about her feelings over champagne in the carousel, and receives a rose. We like Cara’s subtle, yet upfront, approach about her thoughts. She lets him know she’s interested and she truly wants a rose. Smart girl. Blake never seems to shy from honesty.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Jessica. The girls are all about bashing Jessica on this episode. Jessica continuously positions herself to catch Blake’s attention. At one point, she purposely (and admittingly) tricks Holly 2.0 Rachel during the spinning-top game to situate herself in the winning spot. Then she wins, gracefully sliding off the top, starring into Blake’s eyes with glares of triumph and adoration. The Blinons are red with anger, which they’re not shy about discussing while Jessica is off spending one-on-one time via merry-go-round circles. Even after all the complaining over the new girls, “Jessica-bashing” bridges the gap and creates a connection between The Blinons and the new girls on the group date.


So, the big question here, is: are the girls truly upset that Jessica isn’t be considerate, or are they simply jealous? It’s a game. They’re playing to win Blake’s attention, and hopefully his heart. “She’s robbing the experience,” exclaims Laurina. Well, is she really? As far as the basis of the show goes, Jessica is doing exactly what she’s supposed to do. She’s actually validating the show’s true experience value. It’s all about the game, no? Anastasia pulled a “Damsel in Distress” move on one the rides and, of course, Blake comes to the rescue and voilà, she gets to share a seat with him. As soon as she wimps out, Laurina comes running in and fills the seat. So Laurina, isn’t this something Jessica would do? Ughm… Yes.

Let’s think about it… Did it ever occur to the girls that maybe Jessica is just super into Blake, and when she’s around him, she can’t help herself — as in, she doesn’t really care that all the girls are around. The object of desire is Blake, not social acceptance, which is something the girl’s seem to forget — especially when they go off the rocker because Jessica and Blake share a smooch during their group date one-on-one time.

In the end, Jessica apologies and offers to be more weary about her opportunistic manners, but we think she’s doing awesome and should keep her eye on the prize! (Hopefully, she’s just offering up her assurances to make life with Amber and Laurina mansion life easier.) Anastasia didn’t get a rose. All well, she was a bit of a wimp anyways. (Images via)


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