The essential habits of successful people you should follow to progress in business and love.

Habitual routines are a means of maintaining a desired lifestyle. What do you do everyday, without much consideration, that drives you towards the future you’ve set for yourself? Maybe it’s that extra glass of water in the morning after your coffee? Or, maybe you can’t function without your sunrise jog. Whatever it is, make sure it’s doing you for the good! Habits are hard to break, thus it’s best to develop the most productive habits possible. Be it for work or for your personal life, such routine activities are sure to affect the way you approach your life. Here are a few common habits of successful people — in love and business — to thrive off of.

  1. WAKE UP EARLY. The morning is such a refreshing, brain-free time. It’s noted that some of the most successful people wake up around 4 a.m. What do they do? They start the day fresh. They eat a healthy breakfast, maybe squeeze in a workout, and spend some extra time with their loved ones.
  2. KEEP YOUR WORD. No matter what, people who keep their promises will thrive over those who don’t. Even when it seems out-of-the-way, ensure that you do what you say. This particularly transcends work to the dating world. A key factor to being able to keep your word, is being able to efficiently organize your schedule.
  3. BRAND YOURSELF. Successful people have charisma, most of the time. It might not be seen on public TV, but it’s there somewhere. Know how to tell your story. Know what you’re putting out into the world, and excel on your positive traits. It builds yourself as a brand, which allows space and comfort for you to develop followers. The same stands with dating, so put on your charm and always bring your smiling facets forward.
  4. BE A TRUE LEADER, NOT A BOSSY PANTS. Allow others to feel excited under your leadership, and do this by allowing them to feel as if they are part of the team working towards a goal — no just someone working towards your goals. The same stands in a relationship. People with true love don’t dictate towards each other, they work together to achieve common goals.
  5. DON’T SHY FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Everyone makes them. Google makes mistakes every day! But look where they are! Admit to your mishaps, learn from them and move on. Holding onto the past will only hold you in the water.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS. People who express themselves and their concerns have the ability to assess and move on. Those who hold back, don’t ask questions and go through life blindfolded will have a harder time sorting through their paths. Always ask when you need! Always.
  7. HONESTY. Honesty is the best policy. Sure, a white lie is OK, “Yes! I love that tie.” But keeping truth from the surface or hiding things behind others best interests is detrimental.
  8. KNOW WHEN TO TAKE A BREATHER. Successful people know when the water is boiled and it’s time for a cool down, avoiding a spill over the pot. You can loose everything if you let things boil too much. Know when it’s time for space, when it’s time to step back and when you just need a break.

Known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmak­er, Trudy Gilbert has been featured on Channel 9’s Today Show, Mornings, The Morning Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Sky News, In­sight, 2GB, ABC FM and most recently appeared in the top rating The Real Housewives of Mel­bourne. She also speaks regularly at networking events and has recently published her tell all book on dating 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker.

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