Believe it or not, there’s mutual characteristics for success in business and love.

Business and dating might live on different sides of the spectrum, but when it comes to behaviors for success, there are many mutual traits that transcend the boundaries. It’s truly amazing how many successful, talented professionals soar in the workplace, and then turn into complete teenagers when they hit the dating scene. All you need to do is put things into perspective. Of course, the dating world is a bit more vulnerable, but why not approach love with the same attitude you would your career? You wouldn’t arrive to a meeting late, dressed poorly and texting the entire time. Here are our top 6 traits for success in business and love.

  1. BE GENUINE. You wouldn’t press the green button on a business deal if you weren’t interested in it. The same goes for dating! Be honest with your feelings. If you’ve gotten to know someone, and you still don’t feel a spark, let them go and move on. It’s not fair to you or the other person to continue investing in something that doesn’t have success in the forecast.
  2. SHOW YOUR MANNERS. Yes, please. Thank You. Eye Contact. All essential business behaviors. Keep these in mind on a date as well. Even if you disagree with something or feel uneasy, be polite. Your mannerisms and body language say a lot about you, so keep them positive.
  3. BE RESPECTFUL. If you’re colleague comes up with a silly idea, you would never roll your eyes and huff around the conference table. The dinner table shouldn’t be any different.
  4. BE TRUSTFUL. If you say you’re going to do something (i.e. call!) then do it. You wouldn’t take on an assignment at work and then just never bother to turn it in.
  5. KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Successful professionals always keep their eyes and ears open. They take in suggestions with an open mind, then assess and decide accordingly. When it comes to dating, go on a date with the same mindset. You never know what someone truly has to offer until you give him or her a chance to render in your thoughts.
  6. ENTHUSIASM. Get excited! You’re giving a presentation of yourself. How can you expect someone to get thrilled about you if you don’t show zest on your own terms.

Proper behavior all adds up to success… Be it personal or professional.

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