Here are 6 behaviors to avoid on a date, because, a date is not a job interview.

As we’ve mentioned, there are a ton of similarities when you consider the approach to success in terms of business and dating… However, one major thing that people confuse is The Date vs. The Interview. Dating is NOT an interview. There are designated ways a business interview is intended to go, and this does not stand true in terms of an evening out with a potential relationship parter. Consider it this way, one is career-focused and one is personal. Yes you need to dress appropriately, practice your manners, make eye contact, etc. but there are a few interview behaviors that will ultimately distract you (and your date) from having a good time. A date is not a job interview, here’s what to avoid.

  1. Be Authentic. Not that a job interview isn’t authentic, but there’s a certain demeanor you adorn yourself with that wouldn’t be appropriate for a date. On a date, you can let your humorous, goofy side out a bit — this isn’t something your future boss would be into.
  2. A Relaxed Atmosphere. A job interview has one purpose, “Are you the right one for the job?” On a date, your purpose is to get to know the person across from you, so there should certainly be an air of relaxation without a fear of failure luring in the backing. Approach a job interview with professionalism on your mind, but approach a date with a more laid back point of view.
  3. Keep The Sides Even. On a job interview, it’s mostly about you. On a date, there needs to be an even balance of attention. If you feel yourself talking about yourself too much, that’s bad on a date. However, on a job interview, it could be viewed as confidence.
  4. Don’t Research. When you go into a job interview, you’re supposed to research every single thing you can. But on a date, there’s a golden rule of never Googling the person you’re about to meet. Misconceived and preconceived opinions could ruin your chances of hitting it off.
  5. Don’t Prepare Questions. Of course, it’s always good to have a few go-to questions for any situation with the potential of turning awkward. However, listing off a slew of questions will only deter you from making healthy conversation. On an interview, asking prepared questions is a way of comparing one candidate to the next, but when your dating, don’t compare. Become familiar with someone and then decide if they’re right for you, without measuring them up against your past.
  6. Don’t Pull Out A Portfolio. Keep your phone away! No matter how interested the other person might seem, they don’t need visual proof of all your cat’s tricks. In a job interview, you might pull out some references, but keep to your words on date night.
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